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About Me:

I'm Dan Holloway - Founder, Operational Voodoo. Nerd of High-Performance Business Operations (and Part-Time Cake Addict)!


Operational Voodoo

A friendly, professional, no-bs attitude towards business growth, change and transformation.

Helping ambitious Businesses to work more effectively, by placing Operational Efficiency at the core daily functions and processes.

How it


I'm here to help your business to “Get sh*t done”. And that's a fact, not just a cliché! 😉 

With well over two decades in Business Operations... I can tell you, Business Operations need to be Efficient. And they need to be Effective.

I've had multiple roles at Venture Capital and Private Equity backed businesses over the years. Scaling them by millions of £/$.

I've worn hats of 'Head of Global Operations' and 'Chief Operations Officer'. And many others in between.

I have mentored 200+ startups, from ideation to investment (and beyond).

I have been invited as a subject expert and speaker by both national and international startup accelerator programs.

And that's before I even talk about being a qualified lie detector (yes, really! I have certificates and everything...).

Where it's


Business Operations run most effectively, does so with efficiency at its core. It is an art...

An art acquired through experience, hard work and collaboration over many years.

So the questions I have for you are these:

  • Is your business more inefficient than you’d like ..?
  • Are you dancing around lingering problems?
  • Are you putting off change that you know needs to happen?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then we should probably talk 🤝

Helping Entrepreneurs And Leaders To Level-up Their Organisations:

Operational Effectiveness


There’s businesses that operate. Then there are those that instil high-performance business operations at their core...

Which does your business have?


Are you cut out for business..?

What’s that variation of a popular phrase?

“You don’t have to be crazy to start a business, but it helps!”

I talk about all things both Entrepreneurial and Intrepreneurial alike. 


Are you speaking to the right people in the right ways..?

Running a business is far more about people than is is about ‘business’.

As a leader you serve your audience, your clients, your partners, supplier.

But most of all, you serve those who work side by side with you… Your team.

Business Strategy & Transformation

If you don’t know where you’re going, or the goal you’re striving for.. Is it any wonder you never reach your destination?

Because processes are more than just risk management, graphs, flowcharts, spreadsheets and ven diagrams... They need to have a clear purpose!

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